Around the Web Digest- September 4

As Fall begins to creep around the corner in the Northern hemisphere, I present you with this week’s readings.

As big data continues to permeate every facet of your life, Cathy O’Neil reveals how structural inequality perpetuates through your personal information.

As the days get shorter and winter creeps on the horizon, I can only remember the Mai Tais from the summer. However, the history of the tiki bar and its commodification of Hawaiian religious symbols leaves a sour taste.

Need a movie suggestion? Might I suggest Ixcanul by Guatemalan director Jayro Bustamente. The film is shot in the Mayan language of Kaqchikel in a conscious effort to combat the racism against indigenous groups in Guatemala.

In a piece for the Medium series Muslim Women Speak, Ayqa Khan details the false dichotomy of being a Muslim woman and embracing sexuality.

As Gary Johnson continues to not inspire voters by stating “What is Aleppo?”. Feel free to use this to educate the people in your life about the Syrian conflict. 

As the struggle of activists in Standing Rock continue, the American Anthropological Association released this comprehensive statement of solidarity with Tribal Nations. 

See you next week!

One thought on “Around the Web Digest- September 4

  1. Saw Ixchanul today. Maybe I was just in a weepy mood but go prepared to weep. It covers racism, sexism, poverty, betrayal by indigenous ( moving to Ladino ) folks who are bilingual; also religion, a mother/daughter relationship, alcohol abuse and traditional arranged marriages. If you love Guatemala the familiar faces and landscape will make you ache to be there.

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