AAA Meeting Schedule is Up: There’s a .gif for that

It is that time of year. Our major conference, though months away, is already starting to take shape. Yesterday, notices of acceptance went out. If you are like me, you began reciting prayers for a decent time slot. I may have thrown salt over my shoulder for good measure as I clicked through to see my allotted times. 

The AAA meeting schedule is an elusive creature. I’ve had the pleasure of helping make it, so I know it isn’t a conspiracy, just a mystery. I helped with scheduling back in the old days when we used post-its on the wall of the AAA head office (true story). Now it is a little more techno, but it still persists in the space between friend and foe depending on the year.

In one corner of the internet, feelings about AAA time slots could only be expressed in .gifs… maybe you can relate?

Lindsay Bell

I am a sociocultural/linguistic anthropologist interested in the place of indigenous life and arctic environments in (inter)national public culture. My primary research examines indigenous-state relations and everyday experiences of extractive development (diamonds and oil) in circumpolar North America.

With artist/academic collaborators, Jesse C Jackson (UC Irvine) and Tori Foster (OCAD U), I am developing a set of moving and still images to tell the story of urban life north of the 60th parallel. This new work combines data visualization techniques with more standard anthropological methods.

When not north of 60, I have the pleasure of teaching ethnographic writing by way of anthropology at SUNY, Oswego where I am an assistant professor. I am the editor of the Society for the Anthropology of North America’s peer reviewed journal, North American Dialogue. You can find me on social media @drlibertybell