We want you to like us

On Facebook that is.

Eventually we might get around to adding “like” box to the website, but for now you can just go here. Liking us will allow you to keep up with both new posts and twitter posts via your Facebook account.

4 thoughts on “We want you to like us

  1. Isn’t a system that allows one to “like” but not “dislike” things antithetical to critical inquiry and scholarship? Is Facebook an appropriate place for intellectual endeavors?

  2. Facebook is a good place for hanging out, which is kind of what we do here anyway. We’re not the conference panel, we’re the conversation in the hall.

  3. I’m with you on this one, Matt. I wonder, though, how do the Savage Minds see the relationship between hanging out here and hanging out on Facebook?

  4. I think we are just throwing it up there to see if it will stick — some people feel more comfortable on Face Book than blogs while others (like me) are more blog oriented.

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