Thanks Julian and a Note on Guestbloggers

Thanks to Julian, our recent guest-bloggger for a lovely series of thought-provoking posts!

We have two kinds of guest bloggers at Savage Minds, regular guest bloggers who are given their own accounts to do a series of posts on a “theme” over a two week period. Julian’s posts can be all be found here. A full list of all past and future Savage Minds authors can be found in the footer.

We also have “occasional contributors” who write single posts now and then, but who don’t have their own accounts. These posts are posted under the accounts of whomever on Savage Minds invited that person to post. (Like this recent entry by Jenny Cool, posted under Adam’s account.) These posts are all in the “occasional contributions” category. Sometimes we forget to add the category, so don’t hesitate to remind us!

Finally, the list of “full-time” Savage Minds authors is on our “authors” page, including links to their home pages. Many of us are also on Twitter, and you can see the full list by looking at who is being “followed” by the official Savage Minds Twitter feed.

Have a suggestion for a guest blogger? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Thanks Julian and a Note on Guestbloggers

  1. Yes, thanks very much Julian. I’ve really enjoyed your posts. I am afraid the lack of comments on them might imply that people did not pay them attention, but I think it really reflects the polished quality of them — sometimes finished work is less easy to pull apart than rough-draft type of posts. Very well done!

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