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Left Out, and it Feels Good– Here in Chicago, a lot of us are happy the 2016 Olympics didn’t come here. LL Wynn’s report that no anthropologists were awarded funds under the Minerva Initiative might offer a similar silver lining in being left out.

Faces Around Campus– The Columbia University student paper featured a piece on Audra Simpson. Meanwhile, Brown’s paper wrote about Matthew Gutmann in his new position as the university’s vice president of international affairs.

Sign Pollution: I couldn’t find the blog that originally linked to this (if you’re reading this, thanks!  Take credit in the comments). Online bulletin Semiotix ponders the ecological consequences of signs. No really.

There is no free ride for semiosis. Signs have a cost and a carbon footprint. Sign processes, in any form we can observe them, consume energy and produce heat. Expectedly, too much heat causes communication crashes and semiotic meltdowns.

Such a Thing as a Free Lunch (Well maybe not): Grant McCracken at This Blog Sits…. considers gift economies and one friend’s interesting take on the business lunch.

For Your Gazing Pleasure: Finally, a picture essay on Vietnam from the New York Times Travel Section. Nothing much here, except that I swore it said “Orientalism” the first four times I looked at it. Maybe it’s the font.

Did I miss something? More than likely this week. Just post it in the comments or email me.

2 thoughts on “Savage Minds Around the Web

  1. How sure are we that anthropologists are not being awarded Minerva grants? I though there were now two Minerva programs, one that the NSF helps review projects for, and another less transparent program reviewed only by the Pentagon. Isn’t this latest round only for the NSF co-reviewed funds? What about the Pentagon program?

  2. Is no one else offended by links to Grant McCracken?
    He writes like a parody of Ayn Rand as imagined in a nightmare of Adorno.
    Not market as aspect of culture but culture as aspect of market.

    Linking to him I can’t imagine why anyone would be bothered by HTS.
    Human Terrain. Military or Market?
    Just bizarre.

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