Savage Minds on the Internets

Faubion, Marcus on FieldworkInsideHigherEd interviewed James Faubion and George Marcus about Fieldwork is Not What it Used to Be, the recent edited volume about which Chris posted last month.  In the interview, Faubion and Marcus discuss their first fieldwork experiences, the proliferation  anthropologists of the U.S., and their thoughts on the future.  

Justice is Blind, But Still has Fashion Sense:  Feminist Law Professor Collin Miller blogged on this week’s Michigan Supreme Court Amendment to all state courts’ operating procedures that Judges can enforce certain dress codes to verify witnesses’ identity or to assess their demeanor.  This basically upholds the decision of a lower court judge who threw out a case brought by Muslim who refused to remove her niquab, or face covering, during proceedings.  In good lawyerly fashion, Miller gives a comparison of other legal conflicts between the guys in robes and the ones in ethnically marked garb.  

Friends with Class:  Emily Bazelon at wrote a provocative piece on how the flagging economy’s is transforming social networks of friendship in the U.S.  From exposing irreconcilable differences of consumption patterns between friends to breaking up office social circles, the recession is ruining our personal lives.  

Online?  How About Some Anthropology?  Daniel Lende at complied a list of social networking and other sites bringing anthropologists together to converse and share information.

AnthroIT: The Kuala Lampur English language paper, the Star, published an interest piece on corporate anthropologist Genevieve Ball, her experience as a PhD student, and her transition to work in the world of IT.  

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