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In the News: Six Mayan protesters in Chiapas were killed in a police action this week. The protesters had taken over the Chinkultic ruins in early September, arguing that profits from the high entrance fee were not being reinvested in local infrastructure. In the interim they had been charging a reduced fee to tourists and said they were going to use monies collected to fix local roads.

Confronting Old Demons: New guest blogger Emanuel Lusca at rereads Crapanzano’s Tuhami: Portrait of a Moroccan.

Somehow Involved a Connection is Made: I received an email from Richard Price about his new website, Half social networking site, one-fourth open access initiative, and one-fourth to be decided, Price is “hoping that the site will eventually list every academic in the world — Faculty members, Post-Docs, and Graduate Students. People can add their departments, and themselves, to the tree by clicking on the arrows.” What Price describes as the current “tree format,” for searching for individuals is a bit clunky, and it could be enhanced by a few more rhizomic peer-to-peer features. But maybe that will get worked out in the beta version. And, if it is true that anthropological theory is often taught via intellectual genealogies, then this could be a fun tool to map our incestuous connections.

Hating HTS isn’t just for leftists anymore! Maximilian Forte found this gem of an article from the Christian Clarity Review. Aside from the promotion of the pagan Roman goddess Minerva, project pagan supposedly embeds satanic vices in both the indigenous peoples and American troops.

AAA makes the grade? Inside Higher Ed wrote an article on the AAA’s decision to make their articles sort-of open access. And they mentioned Chris’s and Rex’s commentaries from Savage Minds.

The idea of the association fully embracing open source as a philosophy is so unexpected that one scholar — when contacted for this article and read the headline on the press release — started laughing hysterically. Another started his blog posting by writing “Breaking News! Stop the Presses!!! OMGWTF!!!!”

Hmm…I wonder who responded with uncontrollable laughter. I really do.

Too Cool for School: Columbia undergrads lament that the Natural History Museum is just not hip enough for them.

A Department of one’s own: Following Georgetown’s fission a couple weeks ago, Purdue University’s sociology and anthropology department has split into their respective disciplines.

Best Week Ever? O.k., now I’m really out of titles. Crystal at TravelScrabble wrote a fun travel piece on a week she spent in Durban, the quick ethnographic impressions it made on her, and on the construction of the ‘exceptional.’

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