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When I read (on NewTeeVee) how Google Video had changed to become a search engine rather than just a place for Google to host its own video content, I thought of Strong’s post about Les Maîtres Fous and did a search for “Jean Rouch.” I was amazed at how much I discovered!

There is his famous “cinetrance” Les tambours d’avant Tourou et Bitti, as well as Hippopotamus Hunt : Battle on the Great River and Graveyards in the cliff. There are also some scenes from Petit à petit, and various interviews and discussions as well. Some of these are subtitled some are not. Who knows how long all this will be up there, so watch them while you can!

There are also a bunch of documentaries about Rouch (mostly from DER), like Rouch’s Gang which can be viewed for a small fee.

UPDATE: DER has a Jean Rouch tribute website.

(Disclaimer: DER also distributes a film I made.)

4 thoughts on “More Rouch on YouTube

  1. Been exchanging messages with Valenapio who put several Rouch excerpts on YouTube. Turns out, there are now two DVD box sets of Rouch films and the second box-set has English subtitles.
    The advantage of having things on YouTube is that it’s really very easy to either show things in class or send the link to students.

  2. Thanks. I actually have a Chinese edition of this one, but there are no English subtitles. It also seems as if Chronicle of a Summer is still not out on DVD.

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