SfAA Podcasts

Jen Cardew has set up a website where you can download podcasts of sessions from this year’s SfAA meeting. Only a few are up so far, but more will be posted as they become available. Great work Jen!

It is worth noting that she did this using WordPress.com‘s free blog hosting – showing just how easy it is to set something like this up these days. There isn’t any need to wait for the AAA in order to set up a properly functioning website for your conference!

3 thoughts on “SfAA Podcasts

  1. Well thank you! It’s pretty exciting to hear feedback about the project and to see how many people have visited the site (over 600 as of this morning).

    I think I’ve spent less than $100 on the project thus far, which really goes to show how easy and cost effective such a project can be! Of course, that did not include equipment, but I used a wireless mic from my anthro dept (UNT) and my Mac to record (Audacity). And, I’ve been volunteering ALL of my time to it (for free).

    Of course, this year was just the pilot, so I wasn’t going for anything too “fancy”. It looks like I’ll be continuing it next year (with help! let me know if you want to help!!) and the budget will be bigger then (but not much).

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