Speaking of fiction . . .

Seeing as discussion has turned to film and TV and the extent to which they represent or misrepresent various cultural or anthropological issues, I thought that “this fictional piece”:http://swiftreport.blogs.com/news/2005/06/gay_coloring_as.html on the proposed limitation of colours with which kids could draw to be quite interesting. What is fascinating is the near-believability of the article and the ensuing comments. What does it say about USAnian (or even North American) society that to some, the article is quite plausible in that it could actually happen but that to others, it is so ludicrous that the satire is obvious?

Now . . .are the comments for real? I’m not sure. Given that some of them refer to a coming war against those who carry a “homosexual agenda and others actually wish death upon all queers, part of me really hopes that they are not.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I found the link to this article “here”:http://liliane.keenspace.com/.

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  1. I don’t know if the comments were real or not, but the satire does skirt the edge of the possible! I attended college in the southern United States, and had a very nice, very evangelical roommate my second year there. She had a whole collection of Left Behind-esque literature (though I don’t think the LB series existed then). Anyway, a subplot in one book involved children being seduced by Satan’s minions because they were encouraged to indulge their imaginations at preschool; when the poor little tykes let their minds run free a seemingly innocuous “imaginary friend” in the form of a pink unicorn took the opportunity to cozy up to their unguarded souls. [the demonic imaginary friend to a vulnerable child is a plot device in the Exorcist, too]. anyway, it sounds utterly crazy — unless the world view informing it is literally correct. If El Naughty Supremo does indeed exist, and will indeed use any sneaky machination possible to seduce us, my goodness. Tinky Winky might well be a hound of hell.

  2. So they’re hounds?

    Doing fieldwork, I was lucky enough to live in a rural Ghanaian village when the first colour TV came. People would gather daily to watch soccer broadcasts, and then the strange BBC programming that Ghanaian TV stations got either for free or at a discount. The TV hadn’t been there a week before I was asked if Teletubbies were demons.

  3. Jesse — ooh, if that gay agenda fell into the wrong hands heaven knows what might happen!
    Bob — hmm, makes one want to see Ghanain horror films!

  4. Sorry Kerim, it was just that the first link led nowhere for some reason.

    Ozma – I just noticed that the gay agenda doesn’t mention eating breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Ha! I’m on to the true gay agenda. The old Lake Trasimene ploy, huh? Attack before they’ve had breakfast? Obviously the gay agenda is a plot to weaken straights for the imminent gay takeover.

    As an aside, I kind of feel bad for using gay and homosexual interchangeably, but the joke flows better this way.

  5. Hello! Well, it is nice to have anthropolgists linking to liliane! I would personally be fascinated by an anthropological study of the differences of the people and mindsets that find children coloring rainbows to be evidence of the imminent fall of western civilisation (and yes there are frighteningly large groups of very internet-savvy and vocal people who believe this literal God Hates Fags, Fags=Devil worldview) and the people and mindsets who find children coloring rainbows to be appreciating all the varieties of people, as the varieties of natural phenomenon (the spectrum of lightwaves in white made evident in the rainbow). It would be even more interesting if it weren’t so frightening. Thank god machetes aren’t as popular here yet as in Rwanda. Cheers!

  6. Leanne; Nice to see you on my turf for a change . I thought it was only polite to let folks know where I found the article to begin with. However, considering the quality of the social commentary found in Liliane Bi-Dyke (which I highly recommend, folks . . . .just go to http://liliane.keenspace.com), this may not be the last time I link to your site. Cheers!

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