Strange Layout in MSIE?

I apologize to those viewing the site with older versions of Micro$oft Internet Explorer. It seems that there are some layout problems. If you see a black, instead white in the background to the text then the page is not appearing correctly.

If you understand CSS and HTML, please look at my request for support on the Word Press forms. You can also leave suggestions in the comment section. (Note: The two XHTML validation errors are not the problem. I tried removing the code causing those problems and it still does not work. The CSS contains no errors.)

Until I fix this problem you may wish to use Firefox or Safari. Upgrading MSIE should work as well.

Serves me right for getting all cocky about the site design.

UPDATE: I’ve been told that the page loads fine on MSIE 6.0 (although the font sizes may be off). If you are using an older version and are having problems, please leave a comment with your version number and what operating system you are using.

UPDATE: Although it seems that the problem affected less people than I feared, I did figure out how to fix it. It seems that some older browsers weren’t loading the background images because the URL was surrounded with single quotes. Removing these fixes the problem. Please let me know if you notice anything else weird. I don’t have a Windows computer to test on, so if the font sizes look strange to you, please let me know.

9 thoughts on “Strange Layout in MSIE?

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  2. Thanks Fyreflye. That’s what I used to design the site – but unfortunately most people in the world have Windows and MSIE. I figured out what the problem is on MSIE 5 on the Mac – it seems the background images aren’t loading correctly. I assume that is the problem on other platforms as well. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to fix it.

    Additionally, there seem to be some quirks with how MSIE 6 on Windows handles font sizes.

  3. Win98 + IE5.5
    There is a very short blink of black background, but after that everything seems to be fine and as intended.

  4. Thanks AJ and Moshu! It is a pain not having a PC box I can test things on. I usually get by assuming that standard compliant code will work, but sometimes there are weird hiccups with certain browsers. I see the flash of black in MSIE on OS X as well – I guess it is just because the background image takes a second to load.

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