Around the Web Digest

There hasn’t been an Around the Web Digest since the Savage Minds home site went down and we had to set up its temporary digs here. That means we’re over due for a round-up of February and March! You can receive (semi-)daily links via our twitter accnt @savageminds or by liking our Facebook page. If […]

DeLong and the economists on Debt, Chapter 12

UPDATE 2/9/13: A bit of a correction to the title here.  I called this post “DeLong and the economists on Debt” but it should have been called “DeLong, the political scientist (Farrell), and the sociologist (Rossman) on Debt.”  Apologies for that–I didn’t do my homework there.  Thanks to Gabriel Rossman for pointing this out. I […]

David Brooks: Worse than Pat Robertson?

Recently Pat Robertson got a lot of flack for saying Haiti’s history of suffering, including the recent earthquake, was due to a historical “pact with the devil.” But I don’t think anyone takes Pat Robertson seriously. I know many people, however, who do take NY Times columnist David Brooks seriously. So that is why I […]

Botox = Genetic Fitness

Botox injections, a personal trainer, and a fashion consultant can help make one more genetically fit! Don’t believe me? Just read what Razib has to say! I had better go get a nose job so that I’m not contributing to “random genetic drift”!

Autistic Culture: celebrating neurodiversity

A couple of months ago, one of “Kerim’s posts”: led to a mini-discussion in the comments section about the site “Gene Expression”: Within this discussion, the use of the term ethno-autism was brought up. As defined by Razib, the author of “this post”: at Gene Expression, ethno-autism is an: inability to conceive other peoples and […]

Anthropology’s Guns, Germs, and Steel Problem

Kerim suggested Savage Minds mount a response to the recent “PBS special”: (link courtesy of Kerim) on the theories of self-described polylingual polymath “Jared Diamond”: (scroll down to “about the author”). Rex, our Melanesianist and thus an obvious choice to take up the task, was unfortunately departing for China just at that time. None of […]

Funny, you don’t look Jewish

This is a followup to a previous post by Rex about an article which claimed that Ashkenazi Jews are genetically smarter. The folks at Gene Expression have had a few posts on the subject, mostly focusing on the ways in which the paper overlooks the historical importance of Sephardic Jews, and the general importance of […]