Botox = Genetic Fitness

Botox injections, a personal trainer, and a fashion consultant can help make one more genetically fit! Don’t believe me? Just read what Razib has to say! I had better go get a nose job so that I’m not contributing to “random genetic drift”!

Autistic Culture: celebrating neurodiversity

A couple of months ago, one of “Kerim’s posts”: led to a mini-discussion in the comments section about the site “Gene Expression”: Within this discussion, the use of the term ethno-autism was brought up. As defined by Razib, the author of “this post”: at Gene Expression, ethno-autism is an: inability to conceive other peoples and … Continue reading Autistic Culture: celebrating neurodiversity

Anthropology’s Guns, Germs, and Steel Problem

Kerim suggested Savage Minds mount a response to the recent “PBS special”: (link courtesy of Kerim) on the theories of self-described polylingual polymath “Jared Diamond”: (scroll down to “about the author”). Rex, our Melanesianist and thus an obvious choice to take up the task, was unfortunately departing for China just at that time. None of … Continue reading Anthropology’s Guns, Germs, and Steel Problem